Inductive Discipleship

The follow questions are organized under four stages of discipleship and can be used to assess or create a discipling process that fits your context.

Knowing and Deciding (Becoming Sons & Daughters)

  1. What is God’s Story?

  2. Who is Jesus?

  3. Why do I need God in my life?

  4. What is my response to Jesus?

  5. What is my identity in Christ?

  6. What is God’s mission?

  7. What’s my role in God’s mission?

Growing & Sharing (Becoming Brothers & Sisters)

  1. Who is my spiritual family?

  2. "How is my relationship with God growing?"

  3. Am I becoming more like Jesus?

  4. How do I hear God’s voice?

  5. How do I obey his will?

  6. What is my calling APEST?

  7. How do I share God’s story?

Going and Serving (Becoming Sent Servants)

  1. Where and to whom has God sent me?

  2. Who are my partners?

  3. What are my (our) practices and rhythms?

  4. How am I engaging my context?

  5. Where is God at work?

  6. What does the Kingdom of God look like in my context?

  7. Who am I discipling?

Leading & Multiplying (Becoming a Movement Influencer)

  1. Why do I want to be a leader?

  2. What is God doing?

  3. What is my role?

  4. Who is God calling me to lead?

  5. What is the process?

  6. What are the goals?

  7. How do I give my leadership away?

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