Best Practices for Missional Living

The following path is one traveled by many Christ followers as the Holy Spirit has led them to connect with and invest in their local missional context. The pace and the particulars are different in each situation and require the sensitivity to move from one Kairos (God Moment) to the next, as a way of staying in step with what God is doing. This process can take several years, however the slower and deeper you go often the faster things happen.

Understand Sentness - You are already sent. The assumption is that God is already at work in the world and we just need to show up and join Him.

Commit to a Context - Neighborhood, Network or Need. The greater the proximity, frequency and connectivity the better the context.

Form a Partnership - This is with another believer or believers who are committed to the same context. Jesus sent them in twos, it was likely this represented two families. Partnership should be a high commitment ask.

Create a Rhythm with your partners - for example: weekly prayer walk, meal, Life Transformation Group, etc.

Cultivate relationships within your context ie. learning people’s names, having conversations with dog walkers, etc. The Art of Neighboring is a good resource.

Discern the culture - What are the needs, common characteristics in your context ie. everyone has kids and need adult relationships. What does the gospel look like in your context? If Jesus was in charge of your context what would be different?

Cast the net wide - one time gathering events ie. block parties, superbowl parties.

Identify Persons of Peace - these folks often become obvious during the gathering events. They're the ones who say “we should do this again...soon”.

Enter into the life of the Person(s) of Peace - go to their house, their kids’ sporting events, etc.

Invite the persons of peace to join you and your partners into the rhythm(s) you’ve already established.

Share your stories with each other. Consider letting the Persons of Peace share theirs first.

Share God’s Big Story - see the stuff on the Big Story Gospel.

As you journey this path you may find it leads to the formation of a Missional Community!

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