“An adventure is a journey with an uncertain outcome”. (The Faith of Leap, embracing the theology of risk, adventure and courage, By Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch) If you haven’t already heard, I recently completed my assignment as Founding/Lead Pastor of Fusion Church (back story). Experiencing the birth of Fusion and watching it move from a young adult church into a healthy extended family following Jesus in the Father’s mission and making disciples on the way has been the fulfillment of a dream. Countless lives have been transformed over the years, leaders emerged and missional communities were launched. Everyone keeps asking me the same question: What are you going to do next? I feel a lot like Abraham and Noah who were called to go somewhere and build something without knowing where or what respectively. With that in mind, this is my attempt to explain the future. One thing I know for sure is I am called to be a first world missionary. Only 4% of individuals thirty years old and younger will attend church and overall church attendance in America is on the decline; yet Jesus died, was buried and rose for everyone. It’s interesting that prior to the cross, Jesus did the will of the Father by living among the very people He came to save. I’m passionate about following Jesus’ example by connecting with people far from the institutional church and working with leaders to start missional communities among those same people. While I have some idea of what I will be doing in the future, I don’t want to be presumptuous about the specifics (that wouldn’t be a good missionary practice). So let me share my process of discovery instead: November– transition out of Fusion and into my home as the new base camp, be available to Chael Tiller (my awesome successor and new lead pastor Fusion Church) and reconnect with my friends and mission partners. December- after 26 years of Christian leadership I’m taking a month long sabbatical. January- since May of 2010 I have served as the part-time volunteer Director of Forge Chicago. Kim Hammond the National Director asked me to start the first Forge Mission Training Network hub in America. God is using the Founder Alan Hirsch to equip the Church around the world to return to her apostolic roots. We have contact with 500 leaders in the Chicago area who have interest in learning more. The goal in January will be to pull together a group of advisors to determine how Forge can best further the mission of God in the Chicago area and what role I will play. This is by far my biggest leap of faith to date. My greatest challenge will be fighting feelings of isolation and discouragement which often comes with a new faith venture. I need friends!!! 1) Please pray for Lauren (15) & Evan (13) and me (46) the single Dad, as we transition. 2) Let’s connect, phone, text, Skype, email, Twitter or Facebook etc. see 3) Partner – My goal is to raise $2500.00 through monthly partners.

Peace, Eric Lerew

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